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Overland Park KS 66204


The Gracious Promise Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit organization that was founded in 1995. We are a volunteer-led, faith-based ministry serving Johnson County KS and Wyandotte County KS providing Christ-centered spiritual support and encouragement to those incarcerated, as well as to ex-offenders, and their families, seeking to rebuild their lives.



New Century KS Adult Detention Center, Johnson County KS (a HOK designed facility)

New Century KS Adult Detention Center, Johnson County KS (a HOK designed facility)














We are a volunteer-led, faith-based ministry serving primarily Johnson County KS providing Christ-centered spiritual support and encouragement to incarcerated individuals, as well as to ex-offenders, and their families, all of whom are seeking to rebuild their lives.

"I will fulfill my gracious promise to you and restore you...For I know what I have planned for you" says the Lord.  "I have plans to prosper you, not to harm you. I have plans to give you a future filled with hope." Jeremiah 29: 10b-11 (New English Translation)

Since 1995, Gracious Promise has ministered to the incarcerated and their families...many of whom feel confused and ashamed, and are often emotionally challenged as they experience severe instability. Each faces many obstacles inherent in our society as it exists today. We assist interested individuals in dealing with these barriers and in moving forward in their walk with Christ. In 2015, Gracious Promise transitioned to an all-volunteer organization serving incarcerated men and women in Johnson County KS correctional facilities and assiting these individuals successfully transition to their new life post-release.


PROGRAMS OUR VOLUNTEERS PROVIDE (further details on separate tab):

Behind the Walls with Incarcerated Men and Women

    New Century (Gardner) KS - County Adult Detention Center (all men, 1,081 beds) and

    Olathe KS - County Adult Detention Attention Center (mainly women, 1 pod of men) 

    * One-On-One Contact: Initial face-to-face meeting inside the jails

    * Fellowship Visits: Follow-up visits during jail visiting hours

    * Life-Skill Classes: Several 5-to-8 week courses offered inside the jails

    * Mail correspondence with inmates: Follow-up letters and holiday/birthday cards

    New Century (Gardner) KS - County Adult Residential Center Supervised Probation Program (398 beds) and

    New Century (Gardner ) KS - County Adult Therapeutic Community for Substance Abuse (50 beds)

    * Bible studies

    * Fellowship Visits

    * Church services    

Outside the Walls for Families of the Incarcerated

    * Family Support by Area Churches

    * Backpacks and Christmas gifts for Children of Inmates

Outside the Walls for Ex-Offenders

    * Share The Hope group: weekly fellowship meetings led by ex-offenders

    * Mentoring & Discipleship: Mentoring-2-Excel and bible studies

    * Transition Assistance: On certain occasions, after we have established a relationship with an individual, we may be able to provide some transitional financial aid, dependent upon the amount of donations received by our faithful church partners and individual donors

    * Connection with Area Churches

    * Direction to area independent agencies for additional support



We are a volunteer-led organization with over 70 volunteers committed to making a difference in the lives of the incarcerated and their families.  

 Volunteer Coordinators at the follow churches/organizations

Christ Gospel Church - Olathe, Kansas

  * Henry Drake

College Church of the Nazarene

   * Doug Bohi

Colonial Presbyterian - K.C. MO & Overland Park KS

   * Sue Brandt (KC MO) and Erika Marker (OP KS)

Grace Point Church - Kansas City MO

  * Amy Mitchell

Discovery Bible Groups - Johnson County KS

  * Cory Ozbun

Heartland Community Church - Olathe, KS

  * Mike Farmer and Tom Apel

Hillcrest Covenant Church - Overland Park KS

   * Rick Duwe 

Journey Bible Church - Olathe KS

   * Mike Anderson

Lenexa Baptist Church - Lenexa  KS

   * Lu Ann Yager

Life Mission Church - Olathe  KS

   * Pam Kruse

Share The Hope Saturday Morning Group - Overland Park KS

  * Brad Bittiker, Lynn Dubwig, and Dan Fritts



Our VolUNTEER Board And advisers

Volunteer Board of Directors

Tom Apel - Chairman of the Board

Mike Farmer - President

Lu Ann Yager - Vice President

Rick Duwe - Secretary/Treasurer 

Mike Anderson

Sue Brandt

Erika Marker

Volunteer Advisers to the Board:

Brad Bittiker

Doug Bohi

Dan Fritts

Tom Hamill

Pam Kruse

Amy Mitchell

Cory Ozbun