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Please call the office at 913.342.1707.  If we are unable to answer your call, please leave a message and it will be returned at our earliest convenience.  

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6750 West 75th Street
Overland Park, KS 66204


The Gracious Promise Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit organization that was founded in 1995 and serves the greater Kansas City metropolitan area. We exist to provide material and spiritual assistance to the families of the incarcerated and to ex-offenders in the effort to rebuild their lives.

Currently, Gracious Promise operates with three paid staff members who are supported by more than 100 volunteers each month. These volunteers are the backbone of our organization; together they generously contribute more than 18,000 volunteer hours every year.



Our Mission:

If you know someone who needs our help, call 913.342.1707 to get more information...

If you know someone who needs our help, call 913.342.1707 to get more information...

Sometimes our lives are changed by events beyond our control. For many, this happens as they sit at home. For others, the news might come over a phone call at work. Whatever the medium, the message is the same - one income instead of two, family assets frozen, and the absence of a father or mother from the lives of their children. It quickly becomes apparent that the families of the incarcerated are the unnoticed victims of crime.

Our Staff

We are a volunteer-led organization with over 100 volunteers committed to making a difference in the lives of the incarcerated and their families.  

Volunteer Coordinators

Mike Farmer

Heartland Church - Olathe, KS


Erika Marker

Colonial Presbyterian - Overland Park, KS & KC, MO


Richard Duwe

Hillcrest Covenant Church

Our Board of Directors

Tom Apel, President and Chairman of the Board, Vice President Interstate Brands Corporation

Mike Farmer, Vice President

Richard Duwe, Secretary/Treasurer - Retired Director of Training and  Supervision, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City.

Erika Marker

Adviser's to the Board:

Tom Hamill, JD., Attorney-at-law

Doug Bohi - Developer