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Please call the office at 913.342.1707.  If we are unable to answer your call, please leave a message and it will be returned at our earliest convenience.  

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The Gracious Promise Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit organization that was founded in 1995. We are a volunteer-led, faith-based ministry serving Johnson County KS and Wyandotte County KS providing Christ-centered spiritual support and encouragement to those incarcerated, as well as to ex-offenders, and their families, seeking to rebuild their lives.



Gracious Promise (GP) services address the needs encountered in a holistic way, surrounding our clients with community and resources during times of crisis and beyond.  

Our expertise lies in understanding our clients needs and helping them move forward in their walk with Christ.

Here are just a few examples of the programs we provide as we formulate a plan for success...


Behind the Walls Visits: 

Connecting Men and Women of Christ provide Christ-centered, spiritual support and encouragement to those incarcerated. Our goal is to facilitate a successful transition back into the community by promoting spiritual maturity and by offering follow-up accountability. GP volunteers are granted access to area correctional facilities to provide this support. Male and female prisoners sign up to meet with GP volunteers during weekly visits to Johnson County KS correctional facilities in New Century (Gardner) KS (Mondays) and Olathe KS (Thursdays).

Visiting Men and Women of Christ provide additional encouragement and counsel. Men and women in the New Century (Gardner) and Olathe jails can request visits from GP Volunteers during regular visiting times each week.

Teaching Men and Women of Christ currently offer the following Life Skill Classes:

- Anger Management

- 5 Love Languages (New Century (Gardner) only)

- God's Blueprint for Manhood (New Century (Gardner) only)

Leading Men and Women of Christ lead Sunday afternoon church services at Johnson County Probation Facilities (Therapeutic and Residential Centers in New Century (Gardner))

Outside the Walls: 

Corresponding Women of Christ send personalized post-visitation Birthday, Easter and Christmas cards to men and women that GP volunteers have visited behind the walls,  plus additional correspondence on request.

Mentoring Men and Women of Christ volunteer for the "Mentoring-2-Excel" program that matches GP volunteers with faith based ex-offenders to provide ongoing counsel, support, and spiritual growth. 

Shepherding Men and Women of Christ host weekly Christian fellowship meetings for men and women who have returned to community life. Share The Hope connection takes place at 7am on Saturday mornings at Homer's Coffee Shop 7126 W 80th St in downtown Overland Park KS. GP volunteers also host week-night  Discovery Groups.

Giving Men and Women of Christ  attending area churches donate Back-to-School backpacks and Christmas gifts for children who have an incarcerated parent and whose caregiver is currently working with GP volunteers. Partnering area churches provide free bibles and workbooks to be distributed by GP volunteers. Partnering area churches and caring individuals donate funds to Gracious Promise that are used exclusively for transitional financial aid to ex-offenders after we have established a relationship with them.

Partnering Area Churches. GP Volunteers help connect ex-offenders and families of the incarcerated to area partnering churches who can often assist with physical as well as spiritual needs.

Helpful Resources: We direct families of the incarcerated and Ex-Offenders to various area agencies by instructing them to call the One-Assist Hotline (913.715.5000) or go online to for:

- Food, Clothing and Transportation

- Housing Options

- I.D. Assistance

- Employment Assistance

- Recovery Groups

- Marriage/Family Counselling

Q&A for GP clientelle

*How do I connect with Gracious Promise before or after I am released?

Call us at 913.342.1707 and leave a recorded message for a GP volunteer to follow up with you.

* What happens to information about myself that I share with Gracious Promise volunteers?

Anything you share with us stays with us - guaranteed.

 ***Gracious Promise is a faith-based organization that does not discriminate based on race, sex, religion, creed or culture***