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The Gracious Promise Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit organization that was founded in 1995. We are a volunteer-led, faith-based ministry serving Johnson County KS and Wyandotte County KS providing Christ-centered spiritual support and encouragement to those incarcerated, as well as to ex-offenders, and their families, seeking to rebuild their lives.


Gracious Promise Calendar Year 2016 Financial Recap

Tom Apel

Client financial assistance totaled $20,000 through the Heartland Community Church Compassion Fund, regular monthly giving by Hillcrest Covenant Church and cash gifts by individuals.

Bibles and workbook purchases totaled almost $10,000 through Heartland Community Church Missions Fund purchases, College Church of the Nazarene Missions Fund cash donation, Colonial Presbyterian Church Missions Fund purchases, Colonial Presbyterian Women’s Retreat collections, regular monthly cash gifts by Hillcrest Covenant Church and cash gifts by individual donors. Our volunteers had one on one discussions with over 1,100 male and over 400 female inmates and distributed over 750 Recovery Bibles and 450 class workbooks.

Members of Colonial Presbyterian Church, Heartland Community Church, and Westside Family Church provided roughly $12,000 in Christmas gifts and Backpacks to over 200 children of the incarcerated.

Hillcrest Covenant Church’s monthly giving covered the entire amount of GP’s $3,500 operating expenses; which amounted to only 8% of our total expenditures. Therefore, 100% of all other giving by our church partners and individual sponsors went directly for client assistance (bibles, workbooks, housing, clothing, transportation, medical, dental, etc.).

Thank you to our partnering churches and our faithful individual financial supporters. You are making a huge difference in our community by helping the incarcerated and their families.


Gracious Promise Newsletter (Dec 2016)

Tom Apel

Dear Gracious Promise Ministry Friends,

We have been operating as a totally volunteer-led, faith-based ministry for two years.

Our focus has been primarily on the prison population in the Johnson County jails in Gardner (men) and Olathe (women).

In this ministry, we provide Christ-centered spiritual support and encouragement to those incarcerated, as well as to ex-offenders and their families, in helping them to rebuild their lives.

Each week, we have one-on-one contact, inside the jail, with 20-25 individuals.

With most of these, we are able to share the Gospel.

A recent example is Mike, a young man who returned from Iraq with PTSD and then murdered another man, while having a flashback, at an Olathe night club.

He claimed to be an agnostic who was looking for answers by studying other religions.

Our volunteer challenged him to consider the claims of Jesus, shared the Gospel with him, and encouraged him to read the Gospel of John in the Bible we gave him.

In the next visit, a few weeks later, Mike indicated he had committed his life to Jesus, had read half the Bible and was enrolled in a Bible correspondence course.

After prison, he wants to minister to veterans suffering from PTSD. Only God can produce such dramatic changes in a life.

We are currently teaching five life skills classes in the jails.

In addition, we provide visits to those who are not receiving visits.

Finally, we have several who, after their incarceration, are participating in our faith-based mentoring program.

And, again, all of the work described is being done by volunteers primarily from several Johnson County churches.

In addition, we have been able to provide financial assistance,  in the form of rent, utilities, medical help, and transportation, to several (but not enough) of our clients.

When leaving jail, many of those we work with are in serious need of housing, jobs, and transportation.

As a volunteer-led ministry, we have made no significant fund appeals in the past two years.

However, we now need to change that emphasis in order to assist more individuals.

Specifically, would you consider making a donation to Gracious Promise, understanding that the entire amount will go directly for financial assistance to ex-offenders and their families?

Your donation will also be an investment in the safety and productivity of our community.

In the grip of His grace,

Gracious Promise Board of Directors

Gracious Promise
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